Limited Warranty:
15 years House , 5 years Deck

ZAR® Solid Colour Deck & House Stain

ZAR® Solid Colour Deck & House Stain delivers exciting gorgeous, opaque colour while beautifully accenting surface textures. Specially designed with 100% acrylic resins and a unique alkyd blend, this long-lasting colour coating protects and shields against sun, rain, snow, and salt air.

Apply it on new or previously stained or painted surfaces.

Quick Overview

Although ZAR® Solid Colour Deck & House Stain’s unique formula is very durable, it cleans up quickly and easily with soap and water.

  • Self-priming
  • Formulated with Dual Resin Technology

Product Features :

  • Sizes – 3.8 litre, 18 litre
  • Coverage : on smooth surfaces 7.5-10 square metres per litre – on rough surfaces, 2.5-5 square metres per litre
  • Application tools : brush, roller, spray, applicator pad
  • Dry Time : 4 hours
  • Coats : 2
  • Recoat : 4 hours


Wood, Fibre-cement, Composite Decking, Masonry, Metal

ZAR® Colour Options:

Black Canyon


Cedar Wood

Cape Cod Grey

California Rustic